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Honeymoon in Thailand

Honeymoon in Mauritius, Honeymoon Travel to Mauritius Thailand is an intriguing contradiction of serene beauty and an exotic city that never sleeps. Thailand is stunningly beautiful with its serene and postcard perfect palms and beautiful beaches. The capital, Bangkok, is a vibrant city well known for its chaos, steamy alleyway massage parlors, street side vendors and endless crowds of people. In Bangkok, you can spend your time in heady night markets or take in a kickboxing match. Alternatively, you and your beloved can indulge in an afternoon of his-and-hers pampering with a Thai massage for two using local tonics and oils at a luxurious seaside spa. Bangkok is the ultimate shopper's paradise, with dozens of gift-oriented markets ripe for a savvy bargain hunter.
For the newly wed couple looking for a perfect honeymoon, Thailand is just the right combination of everything - romance, adventure and a countryside rich in history worthy of exploration.
The best time of the year to visit Thailand is between November to February.
Regarding accommodation, typically, hotels in Thailand are one-roomed bungalows, with a main house for dining. They range from structures built out of cemented river rocks to bamboo frames with woven grass roofs. These cozy guesthouses are comfortable, private and impeccably clean. Often situated on either a beach or lake, they are unquestionably romantic and the perfect getaway for honeymooners.
You could shop for a variety of things in Thailand like electronic goods, clothes and beauty products etc. The best places to shop are the following -

   1. Silom - Mahesak - New Road
   2. Phloenchit - Ratchadamri
   3. Sukhumvit
   4. Patunam - Phetchaburi
   5. Bang Lam Phu
   6. Chinatown
   7. Chatuchak Weekend market
   8. Baiyoke Tower

Thailand offers a rare opportunity to combine adventure and romance into one all-encompassing yet inexpensive holiday. For a honeymoon, you couldn't ask for more.
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